Quiz 5 Answers

1. What is the Arabic word for the day of judgement?

Answer: qiyamah
Qadr means destiny, nabaa means great news, and salaam means peace. One of the roots of the word Islam is ‘salaam’, and Nabaa is actually a surah in the last juz, or section, of the Quran.

2. On the day of judgement there will be seven types or categories of people that will receive which of the following?

Answer: shade

There will be people that will fit into one or more of the seven categories on the day of judgement. However some might not receive shade at all. And why do we need the shade? The sun will be only a mile away!

3. This isn’t just the largest city in Syria, it will also be where the Mahdi will rule from. What is this ancient city’s name?

Answer: Damascus
Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is also been one of the most continuously inhabited. Halab and Hims are located in Syria but Beirut is actually the capital of Lebanon. It is also known as the “Paris of the Middle East”.

4. The Dajjal or anti-Christ will have one word written on his forehead. What is this word?

Answer: kufr

The word ‘kufr’ will be written on his head in Arabic. All believers will be able to read this word, literate or illiterate. The dajjal will also be blind in his right eye and will have a red complextion according to Hadith.

5. The people will not be able to move on the day of judgement until they answer … question(s) about how many matter(s)?

Answer: 5

These matters are: what they did in their youth, where they got money, how they spent the money, how they spent their life, and how much they used their knowledge.

6. Who will return to defeat the dajjal on the day of judgement?

Answer: Isa
Isa will arrive to defeat the Dajjal sometime during the Mahdi’s lifetime. He will have three tasks when he returns: defeat the dajjal, protect the Muslims from the Gog and Magog, and rule as a caliph.

7. Who will come from Mecca and work together with Isa to unite the Muslims?

Answer: Mahdi

The Mahdi will be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his name will include Muhammad. Some sources in Hadith state that his mother’s name will be Amina and his father’s name will be Abdullah just like the Prophet’s (PBUH) parents.

8. Believing in the day of judgement is one of the six Articles of?

Answer: Faith
Belief in Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets, and destiny are the other five Articles of Faith. The Articles of Faith can also be called the Pillars of Iman.

9. After the Mahdi arrives, smoke or fog will cloud the skies for how long?

Answer: 40 days
Following these forty days there will be night that is three nights long. After this the sun will rise from the west and Beast of the Earth will come. The Beast will mark the faces of the people and after that a wind coming from the south will cause the believers to die.

10. According to Islam, on the day of judgment, you will have to speak about how you spent your lifetime. But it isn’t you who will do most of the talking! So who does?

Answer: all of these
On the day of judgment, all of the body parts will confess to the sins they have committed while the person that they belong to must remain silent. Everyone will also get a book, and written in it are all of their actions.

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