Quiz 5

1. What is the Arabic word for the day of judgement?

2. On the day of judgement there will be seven types or categories of people that will receive which of the following?

3. This isn’t just the largest city in Syria, it will also be where the Mahdi will rule from. What is this ancient city’s name?

4. The Dajjal or anti-Christ will have one word written on his forehead. What is this word?

5. The people will not be able to move on the day of judgement until they answer … question(s) about how many matter(s)?

6. Who will return to defeat the dajjal on the day of judgement?

7. Who will come from Mecca and work together with Isa to unite the Muslims?

8. Believing in the day of judgement is one of the six Articles of?

9. After the Mahdi arrives, smoke or fog will cloud the skies for how long?

10. According to Islam, on the day of judgment, you will have to speak about how you spent your lifetime. But it isn’t you who will do most of the talking! So who does?

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Al Fayda of Islam ~Allah-umma Salli 'ala Sayyidina Mohammadin al-Fati'hi limaa ughliqa, wal khatimi limaa sabaqa, Naasiri-l-'Haqqi bil-'Haqqi wal Hadi ilaa Siratiqa-l-Mustaqim, wa 'ala aalihi 'haqqa Qadrihi wa Miqdaarihi-l-'Adhim.

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