Quiz 2

‎1) Who is the first prophet in Islam?
a) Adam
b) Abraham
c) Isaac
d) Jacob

2) Who is the last prophet in Islam?
a) Moses
b) Samuel
c) David
d) Mohammed

3) What is the number of prophets in Islam?
a) 1,600
b) 4,000
c) 6,000
d) 1,24,000

4) What is the number of days in Islamic Calendar?
a) 304
b) 354
c) 365
d) 366

5) Which is the month of fasting in Islam?
a) Moharram
b) Ramzan
c) Rajab
d) Shaban

6) How much part of his income is a Muslim required to donate as per Islam?
a) 1%
b) 2.5%
c) 5%
d) 10%

7) What is the number of Surahs in Quran?
a) 72
b) 100
c) 114
d) 126

8) Which is the longest Surah in Quran?
a) First
b) Second
c) Fourth
d) Seventh

9) What is the significance of 786 in Islam?
a) Sum of the numerical value of Arabic letters for “Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim”.
b) Year of Hijra
c) Number of Caliphs
d) Number of villages in Arabia

10) What is the age of a man in heaven in Islam?
a) 18
b) 21
c) 25
d) 30

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Al Fayda of Islam ~Allah-umma Salli 'ala Sayyidina Mohammadin al-Fati'hi limaa ughliqa, wal khatimi limaa sabaqa, Naasiri-l-'Haqqi bil-'Haqqi wal Hadi ilaa Siratiqa-l-Mustaqim, wa 'ala aalihi 'haqqa Qadrihi wa Miqdaarihi-l-'Adhim.

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