• In this lesson we will learn the Arabic Alphabet In-Shā’-Allâh (God Willing). The lesson is designed to teach the names of all the alphabets. Click on the letters to hear how the letter names are pronounced.
  • Please note that some of these letters are very similar to English letter sounds e.g.: /Bā’/ is very close to the letter ‘B’ in the English language, this is a useful way to remember the sounds of the letters. However many letters have no equivalent sounds in English e.g.: /ξayn/, and some letters have subtle but important differences in pronunciation, e.g.: /Hā’/ which is pronounced with a lot more emphasis in the throat than the letter ‘H’ in English.
  • In Arabic, it is preferred to use the ‘tanween’ (‘un’) to clarify the pronunciation – especially on the final letter of a word.  We have used the tanween in the sounds below.  For example – instead of/Bā’/ we have said ‘Bā-un’.  The letter name is still /Bā’/ but we have used the ‘un’ to clarify the pronunciation.
  • Finally, please note that the Arabic script is read from right to left. Please read the letters below starting from the right and reading each letter to the left.
ج ث ت ب أ Arabic Character
/Jīm/ /Thā’/ /Tā’/ /Bā’/ /Alif/ Letter Name
j th t b a Letter Sound
ر ذ د خ ح Arabic Character
/Râ’/ /Dhāl/ /Dāl/ /Khâ’/ /ħā’/ Letter Name
r dh d kh h Letter Sound
ض ص ش س ز Arabic Character
/đâd/ /ŝâd/ /Shīn/ /Sīn/ /Zāy/ Letter Name
d s sh s z Letter Sound
ف غ ع ظ ط Arabic Character
/Fā’/ /Ghayn/ /ξayn/ /Zâ’/ /ŧâ’/ Letter Name
f gh ` Z t Letter Sound
ن م ل ك ق Arabic Character
/Nūn/ /Mīm/ /Lām/ /Kāf/ /Qâf/ Letter Name
n m l K q Letter Sound
ي و هـ Arabic Character
/Yā’/ /Wāw/ /Hā’/ Letter Name
y w h Letter Sound


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Al Fayda of Islam ~Allah-umma Salli 'ala Sayyidina Mohammadin al-Fati'hi limaa ughliqa, wal khatimi limaa sabaqa, Naasiri-l-'Haqqi bil-'Haqqi wal Hadi ilaa Siratiqa-l-Mustaqim, wa 'ala aalihi 'haqqa Qadrihi wa Miqdaarihi-l-'Adhim.

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